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Our Remodel Process

Renovating a kitchen can be a very stressful experience. At Dominion Kitchens, we guide you through the entire renovation, making it as “stress-free” as possible. We listen to our customer’s needs and tailor the new design accordingly. When the cabinets arrive, our courteous staff works efficiently, taking particular care of the customer’s home.

Our renovation process evolves through several stages:

Personal planning:

With many years of experience in all aspects of kitchen remodeling, we will be happy to assist our customers with their needs.

There will be many decisions to make as you work with your designer and contractor. Making carefully considered notes before you get started will help ensure you stay on track.


Know what you can afford to spend and what you would like to spend to renovate your kitchen.

Family needs:

Consider any specific requirements you may want to include such as a desk area, book shelving, storage space, a work area for children, eating space in the kitchen.


Make notes on the kind of cooking you do, the kind of appliances you use, the amount of entertaining you anticipate, the kind of electronic media you require in the kitchen, the important traffic patterns that run through your kitchen.

Wish list:

Write down everything you think you might want in your ideal kitchen. It will be there to consider once you begin working with your designer: roll-out trays, spice racks, built-in wine racks, a pantry, lighting, relocating the sink, and/or major appliances, adding an island.

Things to avoid:

Record anything you dislike about your current kitchen or past kitchens, such as wasted space or difficult storage.

The First Meeting:

The first meeting is an opportunity for the homeowners and the designer and/or contractor to meet, to talk generally about the renovation and determine if the budget is realistic.

Initial meetings with your designer and/or contractor

This stage usually requires several meetings. The kitchen design takes shape as the homeowners share their planning with their designer. Materials are selected, details are finalized and cost estimates are created.

Contract and orders

Once the design plan is finalized and a contract is signed, the cabinetry is ready to be ordered.


Construction is scheduled around the delivery time of the cabinets. The time for construction is dependent on the scope of the renovation. Generally, the countertop is measured after the base cabinets are set, and the final plumbing is completed after the countertop is installed.


A punch list is created at the beginning of the construction. It gets reviewed and updated daily.


Once the design is completed, a deposit is due prior to ordering the cabinets. The amount of the deposit as well as payment of the balance will be determined by the scope of work.

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